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AIM: TF Laser Bot

Yahoo: TF_Laser

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Hello there fellow Yuku members!

My name is Rachel but my fellow transfans may refer to me as a few of my different fan characters... Laserbot, Nitrostorm, Blacklight etc. and thus some of my SN's will reflect those titles.

If ya havnt already guessed I'm a diehard Transformers fan. I have been for somewhere between 5 to 6 years now and have joined several fan sites dedicated to the fandom, and have kept news updates to the latest developments in the franchise. In association to this I am an administrator at the Legacy of Cybertron.

I have been a member of Ezboard and now (recently transfered) to yuku since 2003.During those years my striving goal was to meet and befriend many of my felow fans. Which has been quite a journey thats made me realize just how small the world can seem sometimes heh especially on the net! I've met many interesting and just plain awesome people on my journey and I'm not about to quit meeting even more!

My specialties lie in the Arts. Since i was old enough to hold a pencil i been sketching, and painting my heart out. Its in my blood after all. My family is all about the arts. My mother is a singer and very creative when it comes to design, and my father was and is a drummer. Heck he used to play for the openingact for Elvis way back.

Like my mother and father though, i have been very active in the musical realm. for many years i sang and performed in the Phoenix Children's Chorus. during that time i was blessed to be given the opportunity to travel overseas to Ireland and Germany to perform with my choir and compete in the world choir Olympics. Although my singing career ended halfway into high school i continued to see the world with the help of my loving parents and my high school. It was on the trip to Spain in 2006 that i met the love of my life and now Fiance Joshua Cook. Its too bad he couldn't come on my last trip to Italy and Greece however due to his duty as an Air Traffic controller in the US Navy.

Now that i have enrolled at the Art Institute of Phoenix my life has only gotten more exciting as i explore into the world of 2D and 3D animation. I may not travel to Spain or Italy but the people I've met and the friends I've made are worth more then any place i can travel. It has been an exciting step towards my artistic development. I may not know what the future brings but i feel this is what i was meant to do! some day i hope to be animating a futures generation of cartoons! heck maybe i can get lucky and do transformers who knows hehe! ;D

So I've told you my story, let me check out yours! leave me comments and i will! like I've said I love meeting new people! :)

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Currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Phoenix in the Bachelors Program for Media arts and Animation. Is a Freelance artist.


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